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Let Me Preach's podcast (L.M.P)

Why do I want you to listen ?
I want to bring inspiration toward the dreams, you and I have. It will change the narrative from all culture and will have power to make things changes in the right way.
It will look like a booklet of misadventures stories with a good ending.
I would like that my talk-show become a legacy from a young millennial who has struggled to get things right all the way,everyday and even now.     However, a promising unreleased talented person who  know how “made it” slowly thank to conversations with many smart people. I want leave a black print of a culture who will impact a new life for our and the new generation and most important a new creative nation.
« Learning  from our mistakes, figures out our responsibilities » he says. Knowing and taking the media to do better and communicate to build the best of human kind he like to “Preach”.
Hebdo show

Jan 31, 2021

Let Me Preach! LMP your Sunday cultural entertainment and lifehack show is back with another episode! On this episode : 

Let Me Break the news [Comment on news feed]

  • Brexit, Covid19 vaccination and death tolls : Is Boris J. fit really for this role as a leader when he cannot groom himself? 
  • The aggression on Yuri, 14-year-old before his birthday by 10 armed men. 
  • Brexit for remainers EU-citizens.  Does t


  • The platform of self-learning to transform your skills for the future job which is offer to anyone for free and certificate. (Tools kit )


Let Me Preach On [Culture and society around banter](Part2)

Situationship could be very tecky sometime and morals, values can be an obstacle. Would you pay the bill for your first date? Today's  main "preachin" is a way higher level of issues regarding expectation in the relationship. Listen and tell us your views

We Wish You an Amazing week to come and Connect with us again. 

Thank you for listen! Always Good Always Pretty. 

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